Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Version 1.20.2

12 Sep 2019


  • Introduced background process to change all the HotLink Image URLs.This process will download images from the UABB Template Cloud and upload it to your media library. Earlier all the Image URLs used to come from our server. With this update, all of them will be uploaded to your media library. Please visit here for more information


  • Heading – Resolved font issue of text being enlarged

Version 1.20.1

19 Aug 2019


  • Advanced Menu – Added Responsive support for Navigation Alignment settings options
  • Heading – Added Background color and Padding setting options for Heading
  • Heading – Added Filter for removing default space between Description Paragraph
  • Price Box – Added Padding settings option for Price Box
  • Added filter for Carousel Next & Previous Arrows


  • Woo – Add To Cart – Resolved fatal error when WooCommerce plugin is deactivated and Add to Cart module is used
  • Line breaks in paragraphs not working while editing certain modules in the editor
  • Resolved JavaScript error when Photo field is empty in some cases

Version 1.20.0

5 Aug 2019


  • Introduced WPForms Styler


  • Business Hours – Added WPML support


  • Heading – Heading Font size not overriding Theme Font size

Version 1.19.0

17 Jul 2019


  • Introduced Off-Canvas


  • Image / Icon – Added Responsive field support to the Alignment
  • Heading – Added opacity support to the color field


  • Fixed: Advanced Menu – Link Padding settings not reflecting in preview mode
  • Fixed: Fancy Text – Fancy Text color overriding Row Text color
  • Fixed: Fancy Text – Text color overriding Column Text color
  • Fixed: Particle Backgrounds – Resolved JavaScript error when Column Group is used

Version 1.18.2

1 Jul 2019


  • Improvement: Business Reviews – Improved Schema Rating.

Version 1.18.1

27 Jun 2019


  • Business Reviews – Missing required field value for all schema types in case of Google reviews

Version 1.18.0

26 Jun 2019

New : Introduced Business Reviews

This module will help to display Google Places and Yelp reviews with Beaver Builder. View details here


  • Price Box – Add field connection support to the module


  • Advanced Menu – Resolved menu’s Link padding issue on mobile devices for OffCanavs layout
  • Contact Form – Submit Button Text overriding Beaver Builder Theme Button Text color
  • Fixed Font Awesome-5 icon not visible in some cases
  • Gravity Form Styler – Resolved CheckBox Background color issue when the Background color set to RGB
  • Row Separator – Resolved overlapping issue with all module content
  • Resolved Font awesome icon conflict with Shortcode for Font Awesome plugin
  • Video Gallery – Hover Animation settings not working correctly

Version 1.17.1

28 May 2019


  • Fixed: Gravity Forms Styler – Resolved Checkbox Background color issue when the Background color is set to RGB
  • Fixed: Particle Backgrounds – Resolved JavaScript error on IE browser

Version 1.17.0

20 May 2019


  • Introduced Column Particle Backgrounds
  • Introduced Row Particle Backgrounds


  • Added Font Awesome-5 support to Carousel Layout of all modules
  • Video – Added ALT tag for thumbnail
  • Video – Added aspect ratio of 1:1


  • Advanced Menu – Resolved Toggle menu label Typography issue
  • Heading – Fixed Heading Font weight issue when <strong></strong> tag used in heading content
  • Modal Popup – Resolved Thumbnail issue for Vimeo video type
  • Photo Gallery – Fixed Filterable Tab not clickable when category name is multiple words
  • Subscribe Form – Resolved the Terms and Conditions Checkbox not clicking issue when using same Saved Module multiple times on the same page
  • Video – Fixed Enable Double Click on Mobile setting not working correctly
  • Video Gallery – Resolved Light Box Navigation issue with multiple Video Gallery on the same page