What Does Background Process in UABB Update Mean?

With UABB version 1.20.2 we are introducing a background process. This is related to updating the image URLs in the UABB templates.

In this article let’s see what does process will do and how to run it? But before that let’s understand –

How Images in UABB Template Worked Till Now [before v1.20.2]?

UABB offers pre-designed Page Templates and Sections in Template Cloud. You just need to import them and use on your pages.

When you insert template from Template Cloud, images used in this template are displayed from our server. That means if you import a template on your page and observe the URL for the images used, you will see images coming from our server URLs like –

  • uabb.sharkz.in
  • uabbtemplates2.sharkz.in
  • downloads.brainstormforce.com

With UABB version 1.20.2 we are changing these URLs for the images that will be stored in the Media Library of your website. And this will be done with this background process on your website.

How Images in UABB Template Will Work Now?

With UABB version 1.20.2 –

  • When you import/use a template, all required images in the template will be added to the media library on your website
  • Now the images will have your website URL as they will be hosted in your media library
  • On pages where you have used templates with these images, UABB will replace the source URL from our server to your website URL.

In this way images, those are used to come from our server will now display from your website’s media library.

Note – This will be applicable ONLY if you use UABB template.

Why We Are Doing This?

Currently, images used in UABB templates are hosted on our UABB server.

  • With an increasing number of UABB users, the number of template downloads is also increasing. Since images used in templates are rendring from our server it is increasing a load on the server.
  • Increased number of requests take down the server sometimes. Eventually, users face a broken image issue on their websites.

How to Run This Background Process?

When you update UABB to version 1.20.2 you will see notice to run Background Process on plugin’s page. The notice will have 3 actions –

  1. Start the Process – the Background process will start importing images to your media query. The process will run in the backend and you will be notified once done.
  2. Remind Me Later – You will get a reminder after 1 week. Till then images will be served from UABB server.

Background Process might take a little time to complete depending on the templates used. This process will run in the backend so you don’t have to pause your work for this. Once completed you will get a notification on the plugin’s page.

Things to Note –

  1. In case after completing the Background Process you see old UABB URLs for images – Don’t worry. We will automatically run the background process every 24 hours for 3 days and upload images to the media.
  2. Running a Background process on the existing website will not affect anything in the frontend. It will only add images to the media library.
  3. In case you are not using any UABB template please IGNORE the notice.
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