Schema Support for Business Reviews

Business Reviews module offers an option for schema support. Enabling this setting adds few review properties in the schema of the web page. So whenever a user searches for a relevant place, organization or service, Google considers this input while showing the results. Eventually, positive reviews can help your website climbing up in the search results.

 How does it work?

  • The module will fetch the number and value of reviews from Google or Yelp (as per the preferred option in the module ) and add it to a schema.
  • For Example – If you opted to display Google reviews on the page, maximum 5 reviews can be displayed on the page.
  • But enabling schema support will fetch the actual number of reviews from Google. Say if you have 2500 reviews on Google and total value for star ratings is 4.4 then the module will add this information to selected schema type

The module have options to add review properties in 3 types of schema –

  1. Place
  2. Organization
  3. Service

In each type of schema, module adds the following properties –

  • aggregateRating
    • ratingValue
    • reviewCount

 How to choose Schema Type?

Out of 3 schema types ( Place, Organization, Service ) choose schema related to your business.

  • In case you are showing a place like a bridge, road, lake, etc. choose Place schema.
  • If you a service based company select Service schema. I
  • If you are running a firm or company choose Organization schema

 How to test schema added to page?

After enabling the schema with module test your web page URL with Google – Structured Data Testing Tool In the right column you will see a tab for the schema you choose. Clicking on it will show review properties for aggregateRating.

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